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Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speakingallows you to put your voice to create emails. The accuracy of dictation software is poor – on average about 60%. Accuracy improves with good quality, single speaker audio. If you’re looking for a dictation software to automatically convert your audio to text, I’d recommend you don’t buy software that’s not cloud based. Here’s why, speech recognition algorithms improve every day. The FTW Transcriber.com. Pros: Superior Sound Quality. You can customize your time code & there.

You won’t find ANY other dictation/transcription software system that offers more features, benefits, or value! We provide professional solutions using our state-of-the-art software, with professional hardware from Philips, Olympus, Grundig, Nuance, and others.

Our solution is completely scalable – our customers range from sole proprietors to 600-attorney law firms and large hospitals, and include doctors, lawyers, executives, local and state courts, and government agencies.


Our customers are busy professionals who require products that are easy to use, easy to maintain, and offer features to improve the way they handle business.

Quikscribe Digital Dictation Changes
the Face of Document Authoring

Your dictation system is costing you time, money, and convenience, unless you are using Quikscribe, the #1 digital dictation system designed for lawyers, doctors, and business professionals. This revolutionary digital dictation system offers features you simply cannot get in other tape, or digital dictation systems ANYWHERE.

Using a special proprietary format called the “Intelligent Audio File” (“IAF”), our digital dictation system takes you well beyond the mere creation and transmission of an electronic audio file, and allows you to transmit form documents, cut and pasted text, graphic images, and more, directly in your audio file, and exactly at the point in the file where you want the transcriptionist to refer to it. No tapes with hard copy documents attached to them anymore. Send your complete package directly to your secretary’s computer desktop in seconds.

Don’t let the word proprietary scare you! Our digital dictation software system is compatible with all major digital dictation formats, so you can use the input device of your choice and still take advantage of the unique benefits of Quikscribe Digital Dictation.

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Join us for a Demonstration!

We could spend all day describing how other professionals are benefitting from our digital dictation system, but the best evidence would be your own trial. Why not judge for yourself by contacting us for a demonstration of the Quikscribe digital dictation system, or you can demo it yourself on your own computer. You can also learn more about digital dictation systems before you invest in one, by simply reviewing this site.

(The trial works best if you have the dictation/transcription hardware that we recommend – please contact us if you’d like to test with the equipment)

Epson perfection 3200 photo software download for mac os 10.14. If you are looking for a simpler, faster, and more cost effective way to get your transcription projects turned around, you must take a look at this incredible digital dictation system. Don’t delay – contact us today, and see for yourself why Quikscribe is the #1 digital dictation system – period!

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We produce the world’s most advanced digital dictation and digital transcription system specifically designed for professional environments in legal, medical, educational, and business communities. We do not make this claim lightly, and we back it with one of the most potent guarantees in the industry. We are able to guarantee your satisfaction because we have designed and developed a revolutionary audio format called an IAF (Intelligent Audio File). Rather than just be able to record and edit audio like other digital transcription products the IAF (Intelligent Audio File) can handle audio, text, images, databases and much more. As a result we have taken digital dictation and digital transcription to a new level, with many unique features, as detailed below.


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In summary, the Quikscribe digital dictation and digital transcription software system is unique and offers the most powerful solution for the legal, medical, educational, and business communities. We also understand that we cannot be all things to all people. So be sure to let us help you evaluate your digital dictation and digital transcription needs, and make sure that you select the right solution for your environment.

Click here to contact one of our solution consultants for a risk-free analysis of your specific needs.

If at this stage you have not already done so, go to our download page and download an evaluation copy of the Quikscribe Recorder and Quikscribe Player and put our product through its paces. The Quikscribe software is just part of the total solution we provide, as you’ll probably need hardware accessories such as a hand control microphone or portable digital recorder for the QS Recorder, and foot pedal and headset for the QS Player. So you can download the software from our website, but a more complete evaluation requires the desired hardware accessories. Please contact us for more information, and we’ll be glad to provide a risk-free evaluation of the total solution.

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Please call us at 800-852-2526 for direct answers to your questions,
or please click here to contact us or to schedule an online demonstration
of the powerful features you’ll get with the Quikscribe Digital Dictation and Transcription Software System.

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