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Downloading ThermoSolver Free Thank you for using our software library. To download the product you want for free, you should use the link provided below and proceed to the developer's website, as this is the only legal source to get ThermoSolver.

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This documentation wiki is for the computational mechanics software from Oregon State University in the research group of Prof. Nairn.This software package focuses on material point method (MPM) calculations (OSParticulas and NairnMPM), but also includes basic finite element analysis (FEA) calculations. This is a biochemistry course taught at Oregon State University by Dr. Kevin Ahern that is aimed at students who have not had biochemistry previously. This iOS course includes 36 complete video lectures of approximately 50 minutes each on topics spanning all of biochemistry.

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Casio SMF Conveter

As its name suggests, Casio SMF Converter will convert Standard MIDI files (SMF files) to the format supported by CASIO electronic musical instruments, namely the CM2 file format. This application is more than a simple file converter, as it can also transfer the converted data from the loaded MID audio files directly to the Casio instrument, using the MIDI connections of your computer.

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GAMESS for Microsoft Windows 32-Bit

Download netflix on mac. GAMESS is a General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System written and maintaned by the Gordon research group a Iowa State University.GAMESS is a program for ab initio molecular quantum chemistry.Calculates RHF, UHF, ROHF, GVB, or MCSCF selfconsistent field molecular wavefunctions.

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LViz is a tool developed by Jeffrey Conner in the Active Tectonics Research Group at Arizona State University. Designed for 3D visualization of LiDAR / ALSM point and interpolated data, the tool offers import of LiDAR point cloud data.LViz also offers texture mapping and user control over display settings such as data and background color.

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ThermoSolver is a software program which accompanies the textbook Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics by Milo Koretsky .This software allows students to perform complex thermodynamics calculations, and explore thermodynamics for systems which would be impossible to solve without a significant investment in programming.

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MotorMaster+ is a free online efficiency motor selection and management tool that supports motor and motor systems planning by identifying the most efficient action for a given repair or motor purchase decision.MotorMaster+ is designed for industrial energy coordinators, facility managers and engineers, plant electricians and maintenance staff, procurement personnel, and utility auditors.

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The software is based on two main principles (pillars): freedom and self-teaching.The final idea is to lead the students to fully understand the princples behind Photogrammetry – reading the e-book, using the software, taking a look at its source code and even modifying it or developing new modules for it.

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TauDEM is a suite of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) tools for the extraction and analysis of hydrologic information from topography. This tool can calculate flow paths (directions) and slopes, as well as contributing area using single and multiple flow direction methods.

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MicroMeasure is a scientific image analysis application for cytogeneticists and cytologists. MM is designed for the measurement of chromosomes and related structures from any suitable digitized images, such as scanned or electronically captured light- or electron micrographs. MM works with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, Millenium Edition, or NT 4.0.

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X(PLORE) for Windows is the latest version of mathematical software. X(PLORE) allows you to:-Evaluate formulas including derivatives and integrals-Graph functions in two and three variables-Perform all common matrix operations-Use the language of abstract linear algebra-Write subroutines in a powerful mathematical language

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Drainmod is a computer simulation model application. The model simulates the hydrology of poorly drained, high water table soils on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis for long periods of climatological record. The model is also used to determine the hydraulic capacity of systems for land treatment of waste water.

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MacGAMUT software provides a flexible, graded ear-training and fundamentals learning environment for serious music students, from novices to the most advanced. Though Ann Blombach's students at The Ohio State University had been using her ear-training software for several years as it went through various incarnations and permutations in the course of development.

  • Publisher: MacGAMUT Music Software, Inc.
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This documentation wiki is for the computational mechanics software from Oregon State University in the research group of Prof. John A. Nairn. This software package focuses on material point method (MPM) calculations (OSParticulas and NairnMPM), but also includes basic finite element analysis (FEA) calculations (NairnFEA). The user-interface tools for setting up and visualizing calculations are NairnFEAMPM (for Mac) and NairnFEAMPMViz (for Windows and Linux).

  • 2Input Files for Calculations

Getting Starting

The calculation engines for material point method (MPM) simulations are called OSParticulas and NairnMPM. The calculation engine for finite element analysis (FEA) is called NairnFEA. These are all object-oriented, C++, platform-independent code engines. The first steps to using these tools are:

Note that quick-trial packages with compiled binaries for code engines and libraries are available for Mac and Windows. Although you can run these with no additional downloads or compiling tasks, it is better to download the source code, build all needed tools, and use them to run calculations. The download/compile method is also essential for cases when the quick-trial versions do not run on your computer and to get the best versions of the code engines.

Input Files for Calculations

MPM simulations using OSParticulas or NairnMPM or FEA calculations using NairnFEA are controlled by input from an XML input file. This input file can be created manually by using any text or XML editing software. It is usually preferred, however, to use a higher-level scripting language to set up the calculations and then have an interpreter format those commands into the XML files needed by the code engines. This scripting method allows for more powerful input files that are much easier to customize for a range of simulations. Scripting calculations can be done by using either the NairnFEAMPM application (Mac only) or the NairnFEAMPMViz (Java tool) application. The scripting languages in these two applications are almost identical.

MPM and FEA Input Files

The bulk of the documentation in this wiki is involved with describing the features of the software and explaining the input commands needed to use those features. The features and input commands documentation for MPM or FEA calculations are in the following sections:

Input File Documentation Notes

Scripted input files are comprised of a series of commands and XML input files are comprised of a series of XML elements. This documentation will explain these commands and elements using the style:


  • Command is the command name.
  • (arg1),(arg2), etc., specify arguments whose function will be explained along with the command.
  • <(arg3)> - enclosing an argument in angle brackets indicates an optional argument. If the argument is omitted, the code will assume some default value.
  • attr1, attr2, etc., are attributes to the XML element.


Once you have created input files and run calculations, you will want to visualize and analyze the results. These tasks can be done by a variety of methods:

  • NairnFEAMPM - this application (which is the preferred choice, but Mac only) can do lots of visualization. For 3D it can visualize some results in particle plots only and time plots, but is more limited than some other 3D graphics tools.
  • NairnFEAMPMViz - this application (Java program for Windows or Linux) has many options for 2D visualization, but for 3D. it can only plot results version time.
  • ParaView - to use this free, multi-platform tool, your the results have to be archived as VTK files (by using the VTKArchive Custom Task) or extracted to VTK files using ExtractMPM. The custom task get grid-based plots and the later gets particle-based plots.
  • VTK Legacy Files - VTK files output by the VTKArchive Custom Task can potentially be read by other graphics tools besides ParaView (it is a common file format for graphics tools).
  • ExtractMPM - for customizable visualization options, you can use the ExtractMPM tool to extract selected data in various formats and input that data to any visualization tool you have available. This tool can extract data to plain text files, tab-delimited spread sheats, XML files, and VTK files.

The visualization tools in the nairn-mpm-fea project (NairnFEAMPM, NairnFEAMPMViz, and ExtractMPM) automatically support all archive output file formats created by NairnMPM and NairnFEA and therefore can read them all. If you need even more customization, you can always write your own software tool to read output files and process the data however you want. To proceed along this task, you need to know the format of the output files:

  • Archive File Formats - this help topic documents the output files created by NairnMPM and NairnFEA.

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This project is being developed as part of the author's research program. This program has been supported by various organizations. Some specific acknowledgments go to:

Thermosolver Software Download Mac Oregon State University

  • Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    • McIntire-Stennis account #229862, project #OREZ-WSE-849-U
    • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), #2013-34638-21483
    • Forest Products Lab, #11-JV-11111129-137
    • Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Service (CREES), #2006-35504-17444
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
    • CMMI 1161305
    • Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Wood Based Composites #IIP-1034975
    • Mechanics of Materials program: CMS-9713356
    • Mechanics of Materials program: CMS-940177
  • Small Business Grants
    • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract with Eglin Air Base #FA8651-15-M-0298
  • Department of Energy (DOE)
    • Nanotechnology Grant Subcontract 2103050
    • Center for the Simulation of Accidental Fires and Explosions (C-SAFE), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, under Subcontract B341493

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