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Apache OpenOffice Security Team FAQ

Is OpenOffice secure?

The OpenOffice engineers take the security of the software very seriously. We take great care to ensure that our software is secure, and we will react promptly to any reports of suspected security vulnerabilities in our software.

How do I know my copy of OpenOffice is genuine?

Introduction Once you use Gizmo's to find the best freeware for your purposes, you need to download it from somewhere. Generally, I recommend that you use the software developer's site but that is not always possible. In that case, you have to go to one of the many repositories of freeware to be found on the web. Here I list six of the largest and best. The ranking is subjective so keep in.

Make sure you know where your copy of OpenOffice has come from. Download from one of the sites listed in our download page, or purchase from one of our CD distributors. Use a checksum to make sure your copy has not been corrupted before you install it.

  • Safe Sites to download free, software Before downloading any of these, make sure that you have fully updated your anti-virus protection for your computer. While these sites are rated highly and are safe for downloading software from, it is still a good idea to be safe when downloading things off the internet.
  • Softpedia is a good site with lots of software which scans files for viruses. It is the best of one of a few safe websites for locating and downloading freeware and shareware applications. Softpedia provides the links, mirrors, and files with no wrappers containing potentially unwanted and/or malicious programs.

How do I protect my copy of OpenOffice against security issues?

We recommend all users install new versions of OpenOffice as soon as practical after they are released. Since version 2.1, OpenOffice has included a feature which will tell you if a new version is available. We recommend you switch this on (Tools -> Options -> Online Update -> Check for updates automatically).

'The publisher of this software cannot be verified' - what should I do?

When installing OpenOffice under Microsoft Windows, you may see a warning message stating that the publisher of the software could not be verified. It is safe to ignore this message if you are confident that your copy of OpenOffice came from a reputable source. If you have any doubts about this, you can check that the file has not been tampered with by using MD5 checksums.

How do I stop viruses attacking my copy of OpenOffice?

If your computer becomes infected with a virus, it is possible that any program you have installed – including OpenOffice - may become corrupted. Your computer cannot catch a virus from fresh air. It can become infected if someone gives you any kind of media – floppy disk, CD, DVD, memory stick, memory card etc. – anything capable of holding data can also hold a virus. It can become infected if it is connected to any kind of network, including wireless. Connections to publicly accessible networks like the internet are particularly risky.

There is a whole range of things you can do to protect your computer – firewalls, anti-virus software, etc – please contact your PC supplier or IT department for details. If you suspect your PC has been infected, please seek specialist support.

How do I protect against macro-viruses in OpenOffice?

Macros are a useful part of any office suite, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks. A macro can do anything you can do - including potentially destructive actions such as modifying and deleting files. A macro can attached to any OpenOffice file (document, spreadsheet, etc.).

Whenever OpenOffice detects macros in a document being opened, by default it displays a warning and will only run the macro if the you specifically agree.

The safest rule is you should never open any OpenOffice file unless you are sure where it has come from and trust the sender. Note that it is very easy to falsify an email address - if you have any doubt, do not open the document until you have proved its identity. If you need to exchange documents regularly, we recommend the use of digital signatures to certify the origin of the document.

I am a developer - how do I report a security vulnerability in OpenOffice?

Please report any suspected vulnerabilities to our Security Team. We appreciate early confidential disclosure to give vendors of products and solutions based on OpenOffice time to react. We will coordinate the disclosure of your report with you.

In your report, please include the following information:

  • In which version of OpenOffice did you identify the problem (e.g. 3.3.0, 3.4.1, 4.0.0, etc.)?
  • What is the impact of the problem (data loss, denial of service, executing commands, etc.)?
  • How can the problem be reproduced?
  • Is there an existing exploit?
  • Has the problem already been published?

After we receive your report, we will work on the evaluation and we will reply to you (typically in the next business day).

Where can I find a list of all the security vulnerabilities fixed in OpenOffice?

These are listed in our Security Bulletin.

How can I get email alerts about security vulnerabilities fixed in OpenOffice?

Please read our Security Alerts page.

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Jul 30,2019 • Filed to: YouTube Downloader • Proven solutions

YouTube is regarded as the largest video sharing webiste, and it enables you to watch all kinds of videos online with ease. But at times, we don't have Internet connection, so we'll want to download YouTube videos to computer for offline enjoyment. Undoubtedly, we would like to choose a safe YouTube downloader to get the work done, but which one to choose is always confusing. Don't worry, this article will introduce top 5 safe YouTube downloaders that can helps you to download YouTube videos without any worries. Check it out.

Top 5 Safe YouTube Downloaders

iTube HD Video Downloader


With iTube HD Video Downloader is a video downloader that can help you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, etc. This video downloader also helps you to download HD videos from the sites, such as 1080p, 4K video and so on. With the help of this safe YouTube downloader, you are able to get the videos you like within short time.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Download YouTube Videos safely

  • The program fully supports you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites
  • The safe YouTube downloader helps you to download YouTube to MP3 with one click
  • This video downloader program enables you to download videos 3X faster than other downloaders with task scheduler
  • This safe YouTube downloader enables you to convert videos to more than 150 video formats
  • Provides 'Private Mode' to protect your download records.
  • The screen capturing feature of this program allows you to record videos easily
  • The built-in video player allows you to play downloaded videos direcly

How to Download Videos from YouTube with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1. Start iTube HD Video Downloader

Download and install iTube HD Video Downloader on your computer, then start it. This program will show you the main interface of video downloading.

Step 2. Copy Video URL

Now go to YouTube and find the video you want to download, then copy the video URL in the address bar.

Step 3. Paste URL and Download Video

Click the Paste URL button at the upper left corner of iTube HD Video Downloader, and you'll see a pop-up dialog asking you to select video quality. Now choose the video quality you need and click the Download button to start downloading video. When the download finishes, you'll get the downloaded video in the Downloaded library.



This safe YouTube downloader is a free add-on for Firefox browser. With this video downloader, you are able to download videos from YouTube within short time, and you don't need to install any other third-party program to use this safe YouTube downloader.

Key Features of FlashGot

  • This add-on is easy to install and doesn't eat up your storage space
  • This safe YouTube downloader plugin can help you to download videos in a batch


  • This add-on is very small in size
  • This add-on doesn't ask you to install any other third-party downloader


  • This plugin only supports Firefox browser
  • The plugin crashes at times during the downloading process



This safe YouTube downloader plugin is fully compatible with Firefox browser. This video downloader enables you to download videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites, and it makes the downloading process very direct.

Key Features of DownloadThemAll

  • The installation of the program is error free as it is backed by MacAfee the most trusted company
  • The using experience of this add-on is very excellent

Newest mac software. Pros

  • The program can be used easily as there are hundreds of guides available online
  • The outlook of the program is such that it allows the user to download the videos with a single click


  • The program sometimes malfunctions in the middle of the process which is a nuisance
  • The ads that are shown to the users forcefully are one of the biggest issues that is to be fixed.



Safest Place To Download Mac Software Free

This is an open-source video downloader program for Windows, Mac and Linux. This video downloader enables you to download videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites, and it helps you to download videos directly.

Key Features of XVideoServiceThief

  • The program is easy to install and use
  • The development of the program is trustworthy


  • This safe YouTube downloader will is easy to understand and use
  • The video downloading process with this downloader is easy and direct


  • The bugs are detected in the latest version which is not being fixed at all
  • The look of the program is not easy for a novice user to understand

VSO Downloader


This safe YouTube downloader can help you to download videos from more than 500 video sharing sites. It supports you to download audio from the streaming videos as well. With the help of this video downloader, you can get the videos easily.

Safest place to download mac software downloads

Key Features of VSO Downloader

Safest Place To Download Mac Software Windows 10

  • It comes with integrated MP3 converter can help you to convert videos to MP3
  • This program is easy to use

Safest Place To Download Mac Software Downloads


  • The safe YouTube downloader program helps to download videos easily
  • The program offers a built-in converter that helps you to convert videos


Safest Place To Download Mac Software Download

  • The supported video format is less than other downloaders
  • The downloader doesn't support to download 4K videos