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NiceHash Miner Legacy Fork Fix 19.2 is a continuation of NiceHash Miner v1. This version is intended for experienced miners who need the fastest updates and maximum hash speed. This version is intended for experienced miners who need the fastest updates and maximum hash speed. 5+ Best BitCoin Mining Software Download Reviews BitCoin mining has taken the world of computing to a whole new level and proof that a decentralized currency structure can also be a viable option. The numbers of people taking up to this kind of mining and the number approving this as a form of payment is a clear indicator that it is a great choice. Nicehash is one of the oldest mining software of its kind that’s been around the mining scene since 2014. Up until the last two years, Nicehash was really the only software capable of allowing users to mine other coins while being paid in Bitcoin for doing so.

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  • NiceHash mining monitoring. The application is open-source. Features: - Profit graph - Unpaid balance and profitability for each algorithm - Workers monitoring (up to 4 in Free version, unlimited.
  • OverdriveNTool (AMD GPU Overclocking Software) – Download and Configure 2.1k views; NiceHash Miner v3.0.0.7: Download NHM for Windows 7/10 (x32/x64-bit) 1.8k views; Configuring AMD Radeon VEGA 56/64 for mining 1.6k views; Download SRBPolaris v3.5 (BIOS editor for AMD) 1.4k views.

Are you looking for Bitcoin Mining Software but don’t know where to start? No worries lots of new Bitcoin miners face the same sort of problem. Over the years of our crypto mining journey, we have discovered lots of mining software you could use to start earning money Bitcoin Mining.

However, the truth of the matter is some work wonders and others not so much. This is why we wanted to create this resource as a cornerstone for all the latest and greatest in Bitcoin Mining software to date. Please use caution when using any kind of software that is designed for this purpose.

Bitcoin Mining causes lots of heat and consumes electricity like it nobody else’s business. Make sure the device your planning on using the mining software has a lot of fresh circulating air and is in a cool dry place. If your device has dust in it be sure to clean it out using some sort of compressed air. This will ensure that your device runs optimally while mining is in use.

Top 7 Bitcoin Mining Software For 2019

Here is the best Bitcoin Mining Software for 2019 based on ease of use, performance, and features. Please be advised when using these types of applications that you will need to disable any antivirus you might be currently using. Almost all the mining software that is available to the mining community can and will trigger some sort of false positive while the antivirus is enabled on the chosen device.

We also want to mention that if you are new to mining then you may want to start out using Cudo Miner before attempting to use the more advanced mining software mentioned towards the bottom of this guide. After all, you gotta crawl before you can walk.

Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner was released in 2018 and has been taken over the mining scene recently with its ease of use and limitless features. The software allows users to mine across several operating systems including Windows and Mac devices. It also allows a user to mine across several of the most popular cryptocurrencies using real-time profit based switching methods to ensure max profits always.

Miners can configure the software to be paid out not only in Bitcoin but Ethereum, Monero, and Ravencoin as well. Cudo Miner doesn’t stop there as it also has features that allow any miner to easily start mining for Grin Coin which is another popular coin to mine these days.

When it comes to overclocking, Cudo Miner again shines the most with its complete full GPU usage control features. For example, overclocking can be configured for each algorithm your hardware chooses to mine, making it a real game-changer to increase mining profits. Miners can also pause their device while it’s in use, so it only mines while it’s idle. All in all, us miners here at Crypto Miner Tips couldn’t be more pleased with the results we’re getting using this fantastic tool. To learn more about how to get started with Cudo Miner, check out their main site. Free adobe acrobat reader dc for mac download version.

Honey Miner

Honey Miner is yet another excellent mining software to get set up quickly and started Bitcoin Mining. Unlike Cudo Miner where miners can choose from several coins be paid out in(including Bitcoin). Miners are only paid in Bitcoin, although Honey Miner still mines across several crypto coins to ensure the miner’s hardware is getting the most mining profits possible.

Currently, this mining software only supports Win10 and Mac devices, which is part of the reason we ranked it number two. On the other hand, miners can rest assure with Honey Miner that their mined coins are safe by using cold storage to ensure hackers can’t easily access the coins.

Honey Miners platform also allows miners to purchase extra hash power for a chance to maximize profits. For more info on how to get started using Honey miners software check out their site.


Nicehash is one of the oldest mining software of its kind that’s been around the mining scene since 2014. Up until the last two years, Nicehash was really the only software capable of allowing users to mine other coins while being paid in Bitcoin for doing so. Much like Honey Miner, Nicehash users can buy extra hashpower to increase earnings using their marketplace.

Nicehash also allows miner the ability to connect their Coinbase account for seamless and painless withdraws so miners can cashout easily. Currently, the platform only supports Win10 users which is part of the reason it’s at number three on our list. However, Nicehash does support quite a few ASIC miners as well which makes managing multiple ASIC mining rigs across multiple algorithms very simple.

On a final note, we would like to say that nicehash can be a very profitable avenue when the marketplace has a high demand for renting hashpower.

Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner came into the mining scene around the time of Bitcoins bull run in 2017. This particular mining software comes loaded with enough features to make any miner drool in awe. With that said it’s also a bit more complex to use some of its features and only supports Windows and Linux, which is why we have it set at number four on our list.

Nonetheless, this Bitcoin Mining Software can mine way more than just Bitcoin. Being its complied with over 40 different miner applications users can mine across hundreds of different crypto coins a.k.a altcoins or ALTS for short. With as many options Awesome Miner enables to mine, one should be sure to find some profits in other mineable coins if not Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Where this software really shines is in its remote management phone app which truly makes this a one of kind tool. Although primarily used for large operations with more machines to maintain this is still useful software for advanced users who have just a few GPU’s.

Miner Stats

Minerstats is yet another new Bitcoin mining software that also supports mining of many other coins as well. Complete with a user-friendly dashboard and is currently only supported by Windows and Linux based operating systems. For advanced users, this mining software comes loaded to the gills with enough features to manage the most tedious tasks.

For example, Minerstats has an IFFT feature that allows the software to reboot the rig if the hashrate drops or if the device timeout. What really makes us, even more, happier about this tool is the fact you can set limits for temperature control to ensure your mining rig never overheats. This feature alone makes this application must have for any serious miner whose looking to manage temps in the summer.

For more information on how to get started with Minerstats checkout there main site.


MultiMiner is yet another full suite Bitcoin Mining software which allows for fine tuning. Although this software isn’t top on our list we wanted to give them a shout out for this awesome platform they have created for the mining community. MultiMiner uses a very similar method much like the BFG Miner to detect new hardware across GPU, ASIC, and FPGA chipsets which makes this tool not suitable for most home computers.

MultiMiner Mobile is a fully integrated app which allows miners to control and manage their mining operations with a simple click of a button on a smartphone. MultiMiner is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac users. To learn more about MultiMiners mining software check out their main site.

Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner is a fully functioning chrome browser plugin made for Bitcoin Mining. Although it’s limited when it comes to features it’s still an easy way to get your home computer mining Bitcoin. This is great for people who dont want to learn but still want to participate in some level of mining. One of the main reasons it’s on the bottom of our list is the fact miners will need to mine a minimum of 5000 satoshis(a subunit of Bitcoin) before they can withdraw profits.

Learn more on how to get started with Bitcoin Miner here.

Is Bitcoin Mining Software Safe?

As we mentioned earlier that in order to use this mining software you will need to disable any antivirus software before you attempt to download. Why is it this way you might ask? Well for starters the people who write the code for these kinds of software typically dont have time or money to buy software licenses. You see most of the software needed for mining is created by developers who just want to help the mining community out. Typically they allow you to download the software for free and you pay a small fee from the mining profits for using it also called a dev fee.

Now with that being said, there are some forms of malicious software being passed around the internet so you will still need to be cautious. If you stick with the recommended software provided here you will do just fine however if it’s not on the list make sure to do some research before downloading the files.

Now that you know which kinds of Bitcoin Mining Softwares are best used for today’s Bitcoin Mining you can begin earning with ease. Please if you feel that this guide help you or you have something else to add on top of what we mentioned here then please drop a comment below. We love hearing from crypto enthusiasts from all around the world.

Note: Check this if you’re looking for best Nvidia Nicehash alternatives in 2020.

NiceHash is probably the oldest or one of the oldest Bitcoin mining software with a graphical user interface. And it also was the best and most popular to use. Back to those days, there was no alternative to Nicehash.

However, they got hacked in 2017, losing around 4.000 BTC- worth around $60 Million at that moment! This happened in December 2017, now it’s February 2019- and they still didn’t fully pay their miners for mining earnings before the hack!

Imagine a heavy investment that you can’t take back because someone hacked the mining software company that you mined through.

While many people argue that NiceHash is the best mining software, I can’t mine with a software coming from an unreliable company.

That’s why I did my own research, coming up with the best Bitcoin mining software like NiceHash. All of the alternatives I provide here are absolutely free, easy to use, come with a graphical user interface and can be installed within minutes(if not seconds).

So here it is:

1My Top List of Nicehash Alternatives(Windows only)

Nicehash Mac Download

Nicehash Mac Software Download
2Nicehash Alternatives for Linux and Mac(+Windows)

My Top List of Nicehash Alternatives(Windows only)


Nicehash Download


Kryptex is the first tool I found after the Nicehash got hacked, and it is my weapon of choice when it comes to GUI Bitcoin miners.

Nicehash Miner Software Download

I’m using this tool for more than a year now, and there isn’t a single thing that I can complain about.

Honey Miner

Is the second on my list of best NiceHash alternatives. Easy to setup, nice and clean interface and a 2-tier referral system. I’ve personally tested Honey Miner for quite some time, and I was very satisfied with how it works.

Nicehash Mining Software


Is definitely among the top Bitcoin mining software at the moment. It was built by guys who work in the hardware drivers industry, which allowed them to gather some fine data about mining power of most available hardware out there. Besides that, it comes up with a GUI that I really like, and it performed pretty well on my tests.


Computta is maybe not the best Bitcoin mining software out there, but it’s not a bad one either. And, it comes with a GUI, it’s easy to setup and start using, so it is a valid NiceHash alternative.

Nicehash Alternatives for Linux and Mac(+Windows)

Cudo Miner

The Cudo Miner is one of the more recent Bitcoin mining apps on the market. I didn’t stumble upon it until late 2018, but certain features make it one of the top NiceHash alternatives- it’s free, it comes up with a GUI, it’s easy to install and use, and it provides something that no other Bitcoin mining software does- a mining GUI for Windows, Linux and Mac! I encourage you to test it on Windows, but definitely try it if you’re running a Linux or Mac. It’s certainly the best GUI solution for Linux and Mac.

Nicehash Windows Download


Is the tool that most miners stop using as soon as they discover a better GUI solution. Still, it comes up with versions for Windows, Linux and Mac, so it deserves to be featured on this site. Besides that, it’s probably the oldest GUI miner out there, or at least the mining software that I first discovered. Depending on your hardware configuration, it may turn out the best NiceHash replacement for you, and testing doesn’t hurt.

CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab is the newest addition of mining software on this website. It’s still relatively new, but many people reported it as an interesting and easy way to start mining. Right now, it’s working on Windows and Mac, and there are apps for iOS and Android, where you can check your earnings and some basic data(like referral links).

Unlike other NiceHash alternatives, this one is a web browser with integrated mining algorithms, so every time you browse the web- you also mine cryptocurrency. It can hardly be simpler than that, so give it a try if you’ve just entered the mining business or want to test how it’s working.