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After introducing Facebook to our lives, most people in the World become addicted. It is numero uno social network platform to share status updates, feeling, videos and photos to friends. Most of us using Facebook as a photo album to share beautiful memories to the public.

Download your photo to your desktop and then you re-upload it to the Facebook group album of your choice. Step 2 – Once you have the photo downloaded locally, you can re-upload the photo to a new album by entering the destination album and choosing “Add Photos/Videos” link at the top of the album. If you are more of a desktop application type, you should try Fotobounce. It is a photo organizer for Windows and Mac OS X that helps you view and download photo albums from Facebook. They also support face recognition (which is pretty cool as it saves you time to tag your pics) and integration with both Facebook and Flickr. Click the “Options” link in the bottom right corner, and then select the “Download” command. The photo should now download in the highest resolution Facebook has on their servers. On mobile apps, the process is similar.

Hate it or love it, Facebook has come to stay. It’s one of the best social networks on the internet, even as it controls some other popular ones. People use Facebook for a variety of reasons; business, making new friends, connecting with old friends, sharing your favorite photos, to mention a few.

Peradventure, you lost your phone and you had hitherto uploaded all your favorite photos to Facebook, and you simply want to download all of it at once without doing so manually for each image. Well, this guide explains how to download your Facebook photo albums in a few simple steps.

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This guide explains how to download Facebook photo albums to your PC or Mac in easy steps. Turbotax 2016 download software for mac. Follow our simple guide and store your Facebook memories in your personal digital storage.

Steps to download Facebook Photo Albums

To get started, you need to install Google Chrome browser on your computer. Next download and install Download FB Album modGoogle Chrome extension (From the link below).

After installation of the extension, it sits in your Chrome browsers address bar before bookmarks star icon. Note that the icon appear only when you logged into your Facebook account.

To start downloading your photo albums head over to your Facebook Albums and click on the FB Mod icon present in the address bar. After clicking on the icon, it displays a small pop-up where you will be able to choose the download options.

You can choose the Normal mode to download albums, whereas without autoload is used to download big size albums without loading in a web page. You can also download specific photos using specific ID’s. Once you click on any option you will be able to download all your photos easily.

Using the PhotoLive browser extension

Download and install this free browser extension that is available for Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explore, and Safari.

  1. Log into your Facebook account. Whenever you’re viewing a photo album on Facebook, the PhotoLive button will appear on top of the page. Click on that button.
  2. The extension will combine all the photos in that album into one ZIP folder. Download the ZIP folder and extract on your computer.

Download using Facebook’s Download Album Feature

If you are not interested in using any app to download your Facebook photo albums, here’s a default method provided by Facebook which allows you to download your photo albums within minutes.

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to and click on your “Photos” tab > click on the “Albums” tab to sort your photos according to their various albums.
  3. Click on an album name to open the album.
  4. Navigate to the top-right corner of the album layout and click the tiny cogwheel > select the “Download Album” option.
  5. Select continue when the “Start Downloading Process” pop-up appears.

You should have your album photos in a few minutes and Facebook will notify you when it’s ready for download in a zip folder.

Using fbDLD

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  1. Visit fbDLD. Click the “Log In” icon to the top-right corner of your screen and connect your Facebook account with the service.
  2. You’ll be presented with options to “Download your photo albums” or “Back-up and Download your Facebook Photo albums”.
  3. Select the albums you’d like to download > click the “Download Zip File” button.

Open the downloaded zip file on your computer to view your photos.

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See, downloading your Facebook photo albums wasn’t difficult after all, was it?