Download Lockdown Browser For Mac

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Download Lockdown Browser For Mac
  1. Respondus Lockdown Browser Download For Macbook Air
  2. Respondus Monitor Student Download

The download will appear in your download browser’s download manager, located in the bottom left corner of your web browser. Once the download is completed, click to extract the LockDown browser package(.pkg) installer. Taking a Quiz with Lockdown Browser on your iPad: Download and Install the free “ LockDown Browser ” app from the app store. If you installed it before January 2018, make sure you have updated it from the app store.

For Virtual Proctoring of Online Tests in Canvas - Available for All Courses

To activate this in your UCCS Canvas course:

  1. Click Settings in the course menu.
  2. Click the Navigation tab.
  3. Locate LockDown Browser in the lower list and use the 3 vertical dots on the right then click Enable.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
  5. LockDown Browser is now in your course menu only visible to instructors and TAs. You can enable it for any quiz or exam in your course.
  6. Students can download it for a personal Mac or PC by using the link under Help in Canvas.
  7. LockDown Browser is installed on all open computer lab computers at UCCS.

Respondus LockDown Browser

Old mac os software download.

Respondus Monitor (requires use of a webcam)

  • Instructor Quick Start Guide
  • Download UCCS Respondus LockDown Browser for use on personal PC or Mac (iPad users - download from the App Store)
  • LockDown Browser on UCCS OIT Chromebooks Help Sheet - Monitor is NOT available.
    • NOTE: LockDown Browser is NOT available for personal Chromebooks.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser is installed on every computer in open computer labs on campus.
    • STUDENTS - While under COVID-19 restrictions, you must wear your mask on campus and you can take an exam requiring Monitor.
  • Can be installed on personal PC, Mac, or *iPad (instructor must allow use on iPad) - cannot be used if Monitor(Webcam) is required for the exam.
  • COVID-19 Planning - Register for one of the daily trainings.

Respondus Lockdown Browser Download For Macbook Air

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Respondus Monitor Student Download

Last updated October 15, 2020
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