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  • I just downloaded an e-book from a third party supplier. The e-book supplier said to download Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 to put the e-book on my laptop, and then said I could sync up to 5 other devices and sync the library of the OverDrive app on those devices with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • To get the book itself, just open the license file in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). ADE will verify your license, and then download your eBook in either EPUB or PDF format. If your eReader is already connected to your computer, go to step 5.
  • Double-click ADE4.0Installer.dmg file from your computer, to start the installation process. Click Continue to begin the installation process. Select the destination for the drive where you want to install Adobe Digital Editions. Digital Editions only installs on the drive where Mac OS is.

The book downloads and opens in Adobe Digital Editions. If Adobe Digital Editions does not download and open the file automatically, locate the.acsm file for your book on your hard disk. To locate the.ascm file for your eBook, do one of the following.

Get started installing, and using Adobe Digital Editions. Learn how to authorize and de-authorize Adobe Digital Editions, read eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions, and transfer eBooks across devices.

Adobe Digital Editions can be used to read eBooks you download from library websites or popular booksellers. You can also transfer eBooks across different devices using Adobe Digital Editions.

Using Adobe Digital Editions, you can read books in PDF and EPUB formats. Adobe Digital Editions supports the following EPUB specifications:

  • EPUB publications 3.0
  • EPUB Content Documents 3.0
  • EPUB Open Container Format 3.0 (OCF), and
  • EPUB Media Overlays 3.0

For detailed system requirements, see the Tech Specs.

To download and install Adobe Digital Editions on Windows, see Install Adobe Digital Editions on Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.

To download and install Adobe Digital Editions on Mac, see Install Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 on Mac OS X.

Trouble downloading and installing Adobe Digital Editions? Try the tips in these troubleshooting articles:

  • Installation fails Proxy server network Digital Editions

Digital Editions uses the accessibility features on Windows and Mac operating systems to provide accessibility, including support for high contrast modes and support for resizing of book text.

Digital Editions also offers enhanced keyboard support (with tab navigation, keyboard shortcuts, and high-contrast support).

To use Adobe Digital Editions with screen readers (text-to-speech), download and use one of the following tools:

  • JAWS (on Windows) - Download from here.
  • NVDA (on Windows) - Download from here
  • VoiceOver (on Mac) - Download from here.

Authorizing and de-authorizing Adobe Digital Editions

If you are borrowing books from the library, or plan to read eBooks on multiple devices, authorize Adobe Digital Editions using either an Adobe ID or a Vendor ID.

If you are having trouble downloading or opening books, de-authorize Adobe Digital Editions, and then reauthorize it again.

For information on authorizing and de-authorizing Adobe Digital Editions, see Authorizing and de-authorizing Adobe Digital Editions.

You can read ePUBs and PDFs using Adobe Digital Editions.


You can open a book in Adobe Digital Editions by double-clicking the book file, or you can open Adobe Digital Editions, click File > Add to Library to add it to your Adobe Digital Editions library. Then, double-click the book in the library to open it.

To scroll through ePUBs, use the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. To scroll through a PDF, use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.


While reading a book, you can mark it in multiple ways - add notes, highlights, and bookmarks. For more information, see Bookmarks, notes, highlights, and underlining in Adobe Digital Editions.

If you have authorized your computer using an ID, you can copy the book to another computer, run Adobe Digital Editions, and authorize with the same ID to open the book.

You can find your books in the My Digital Editions folder in your computer’s documents folder. Locate the book you want to copy, and transfer it to the other computer. On the other computer, double-click the book or drag it into ADE.


Highlights and annotations are not copied when items are transferred to another compute

Adobe Digital Editions allows you to transfer items from or to a supported eReader device.

Connect the supported eReader device to your computer and launch Digital Editions. Digital Editions automatically detects the presence of your device. Both Digital Editions and the device must be authorized to be able to transfer protected content to and from the device.

Unprotected content can be transferred to and from the device without authorizing either the device or Digital Editions. However Adobe strongly advises authorizing Digital Editions as it gives you content portability for your protected books, whether on Digital Editions or the supported device. After connection, the device appears in the library section.

You can transfer items to and from the device just as you do with bookshelves in your library. You can read books that are on your device or your own computer.


Do not disconnect the device while transferring library items to or from your computer.

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You bought an eBook (you have spent money) which can only be written by the Adobe Digital Edition, so you will want to know is it possible to convert Adobe Digital Editions to normal PDF, yes?

The answer is 'Yes', of course. But before the conversion job, you should know that Adobe Digital Editions implements a proprietary scheme of Adobe Adept DRM (we usually say Adobe DRM). And so the Adobe Digital Editions eBooks can only be read through ADE. You even cannot copy and transfer the files to other places.

Here introduces 3 methods to convert ADE to PDF.

Convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF Online

There are some online converters that can convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF if you want to convert the files online. For example, Online eBook Converter,, Zamzar.

Pros: It's very easy and convenient for you to operate when you are online. Those converters support kinds of formats and it's free.

Cons: We cannot use those programs when you are offline. That means you cannot convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF when you cannot connect to the Internet.
We will be disturbed by ads that pop up from time to time.
Nearly all of the online eBook converter websites can't deal with the DRM protected eBook titles.

Convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF Calibre (Free)

Also there are ways to convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF free. Here I recommend Calibre. Convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF Calibre, you need to download and install this tool.

Step 1 Click here to download Calibre.


Step 2 Run Calibre and click the 'Add books' button at the top left corner to add books to it.

Step 3 Choose one book (or multiple files) and then click the 'Convert books' button.

Then it will pop up a new window, and you can choose your output format as PDF at the top right corner of the new window. Click the 'OK' button and it will convert your Adobe Digital Editions ebooks to PDF.

It's easy to use Calibre to convert Adobe Digital Editions ebooks to PDF. If you want to print the converted PDF out or transfer it to other devices, you can also make it.

Pros: Calibre is free. And its management function is really powerful.

Cons: Should install DeDRM plugins if we want to convert DRM protected ADE books. What's worse, you can't get any help from Alf's developers if you met problems.

Convert DRMed Adobe eBooks to Normal PDF Mac/Win through Epubor Ultimate

How to convert Adobe eBooks on Mac or Windows 10 computers with ease? Here you will meet a powerful all-in-one tool — Epubor Ultimate. It's a powerful program for you to remove DRM and convert ADE eBooks formats. Compared with the two ways above , this way is more efficient and complete. After you remove Adobe DRM and convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF, you can enjoy your ebooks freely. You can print your PDF out or transfer to other devices. When you want to read the PDF files, you won't be restricted by the Internet, not like converting online. And you don't need to worry about the Adobe DRM anymore, because you can easily remove it with Epubor Ultimate Converter. Next I'll introduce the steps to operate it.

Step 1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate.

Step 2 Remove Adobe DRM.

Run the program, on the left panel you will find that it automatically detects all your Adobe eBooks(opened and downloaded via ADE). Drag the books to the right area of the program directly, then it will remove adobe DRM within seconds.

Step 3 Convert to PDF.

Choose the pdf as the output format at the central bottom, then click 'Convert to PDF' button. The files will be converted to PDF immediately.

Pro features: as above image shows, Epubor Ultimate also supports converting the adobe drm to kindle supported format.

Video guide is here Watch this video tutorial please.

Adobe Digital Editions Download

Pros: Easy to use; 24 hours online customer service and technical support.

Cons: Paid software. Free trial version only converts 20% of contents.

You can see this method is much easier to use than previous two ways above. It can solve the DRM and format problems at one time (all-in-one tool). This program operates quickly, it can help you get the PDF files within seconds.

Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 Download

You paid for the book, Adobe cares on what eReader you actually read it, but now with Epubor Ultimate there is no need to worry about it. Enjoy your multiple device reading!

Download Books From Adobe Digital Editions To Mac Download

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