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You may need to change your Kerberos password
To use Citrix, your Kerberos password cannot be more than three years old. If your password exceeds this age limit, you need to change your Kerberos password

Citrix Access Gateway 1.1 for Mac is free to download from our software library. Citrix Access Gateway for Mac lies within Security Tools, more precisely Mac protection. This software for Mac OS X is an intellectual property of Citrix Systems Inc. The unique identifier for this application's bundle is com.citrix.vpnc. Downloads CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg 104.8 MB 3pp 1808 for Mac Clear fecti O se ciTR!x & Services Sign / App Earlier Citrix for Find Downloads Citrix Workspace App Search Downloads Support Resources Product Documentation Knowledge Center Support Forums e Release Date: Aug 6.2018 Compatible with Mac OS 10.11, 1012.1013. 1) Go to and select “Downloads”, then in the “Search Downloads” bar type in “Citrix Receiver”. Next under “More Results” click on “Citrix Receiver”. It should pull up “Receiver for Mac”. Citrix Receiver For Mac free download - Citrix XenServer, WinZip Mac, AVG AntiVirus for Mac, and many more programs. This video will walk you through installing and configuring Citrix Receiver to work with your NorthStar network account on a Mac OS X machine If you have a r.

Uninstall previous Citrix versions

If you have older versions of Citrix software installed, such as Citrix Receiver or Citrix ICA Client, you can remove them with these steps.

  1. Drag Applications > Citrix into the trash.
  2. Drag Applications > Citrix ICA Client folder into the trash.
  3. Drag userhome > Library > Preferences > Citrix ICA Client into the trash.
  4. Check if the following folder exists: Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > Citrix ICA Client.
    If it exists, move it to the Trash.

Install Citrix Workspace Client for Mac

  1. Download the Citrix Workspace client for Mac, available from the; Citrix Workspace and click Download. Note: this will take you to Citrix's website to download the latest installer.
  2. If prompted, choose to Save the installer. Depending on your browser settings, the file may download without showing you this dialog box.
  3. On a Mac computer, the .dmg file appears in the Mac Downloads folder. Click the folder and then select the CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg file. When prompted, open Install Citrix Workspace.
  4. Click Continue and follow the instructions provided by the Citrix Workspace Installer.
  5. Once installed, continue with Using Citrix to access applications from your Mac.

Using Citrix to access applications from your Mac

Primary method: using Citrix Workspace directly

  1. Launch Citrix Workspace from your /Applications folder.
  2. When prompted to add an account, enter
  3. When prompted to authenticate, enter your Kerberos username (the portion of your MIT email address before the and password.

Secondary method: logging in via the web

  1. Navigate in your web browser to
    With the Citrix Workspace client successfully installed, you should see the Citrix StoreFront logon prompt.
  2. Enter your Kerberos username (portion of your MIT email address before the
  3. Enter your Kerberos password (password used to check your MIT email).
    Result: Applications available from the MIT Citrix servers are displayed.
  4. Click the icon for your selected application.

Note for off-campus users

To access applications via Citrix from off-campus locations or from a private subnet, you will need to connect to the MIT VPN (Virtual Private Network) before connecting to Citrix.

See: VPN at MIT

Videobrowser software download for mac

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Citrix Software Download From Mac Mojave

  • IS&T has upgraded its Citrix servers. The new servers are available at, and the updated Citrix Workspace is needed.
  • Instructions for installing the Citrix Workspace client, and access BrioQuery via are available at:
  • Please note that the new servers do not allow for stored launch.ica files. You'll need to access the applications by navigating to
  • Off campus users will need to first connect to the MIT VPN. More information about the MIT VPN is available at:

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Symptoms or Error

Problems downloading software purchased from Citrix usually fall into one of the below categories:
  • Software doesn't install
  • Download Manager or download window appears but download doesn't start
  • Download starts but pauses or hangs
  • Download completes but purchased product doesn't automatically start to install


Try the following solutions, in the order they occur: Download
  1. Make sure your computer meets Citrix minimum system requirements.
  • See product specific system requirements at
  • In addition, the following can be done:
    • Turn off firewalls, antivirus software, and third-party security software.
    • ​Make sure user has administrative privileges for account being used to download software.
    • Try downloading over a wired, not wireless, connection.
  1. Try a different browser and/or computer.

Citrix Software Download From Mac Catalina

  • Use a different browser (Chrome/Firefox) or computer.
  • If the company firewall is blocking the download, try from a computer not on the network and save to a disk.
  1. Clear your Browser’s Cache.
  1. Temporarily allow pop-up windows and cookies in the browser.
  • For instructions, see browser's documentation.
  1. Restart the download.
  • Check whether the download is paused or stalled.
  • Check progress window, the download should be progressing if the transfer rate is more than 0 MB/sec. If stalled, cancel and restart the download.
  1. Try finding solutions to error messages.
  • If a specific error number or message is encountered, search the Citrix Knowledge Center for articles with the text or error number for a solution.

Problem Cause

  1. Citrix software won't install if the computer or virtual machine isn't equipped with a supported OS and browser.
  2. Different browser/computer
  • Occasionally, a browser is incompatible with a web page due to using an older version of a browser.
  • If using a computer or laptop on a company network, firewalls or programming by an administrator can be running, preventing the download.
  1. Internet browser's cache images, scripts and other parts of webpages you visit; allowing browsers to speed up display time when visited again by loading content locally from cache instead of downloading everything again. This sometimes results in less than current versions of web pages being displayed.
  2. Citrix downloads offers 2 ways to download, if using Download Manager (DM), a pop-up box displays for the DM to install. If pop-ups are blocked, DM cannot install the software.
  3. If there are multiple programs running on the computer or laptop, resources can be limited, this can cause the download to stall.
  4. Error messages and numbers can be caused for multiple reasons.

Additional Resources

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Still need assistance, contact Citrix Customer Service