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DJB RADIO: On Air Studio Radio Automation Software. Click on the image on left to expand the On Air screen that Talent get to work with. Notice the large easy to read display across the top, on air display, and next to play, even auditioning, all easily accessible from our advanced On Air screen. Fm Radio Automation Radio software, free download - Nexus Radio, Webmaster Radio FM, Boombox Online Radio Player, and many more programs. Best Black Friday 2020 deals. Mac Radio Automation Software. Download Radiologik Radiologik DJ 2020.10.1 (Yosemite 10.10 - Catalina 10.15) (Download - 23.6 MB ) Radiologik Scheduler 2020.10.1 (Yosemite 10.10 - Catalina 10.15) (Download - 23.0 MB ) Time Announcements Demo Audio (Zip - 75.7 MB ) Version Notes DJ 2020.10.1. Program Queue times between 24 and 48 hours in the.

StationPlaylist works with Windows. This software has several different versions, so users have a good chance of finding something that works for them. Cost: Free trial, pricing varies; VirtualDJ VirtualDJ is available on both Mac and Windows. This software offers an advanced mixer, equalization & filter, effects, and more. For more details, call our product specialists at 702-487-3336 Ext 1, or please continue reading this page to understand all the new features available in our radio automation software. DJB RADIO is ideal for standalone, combos, or clusters that want to operate without a file server.


Best Radio Automation Software For Mac Download


New:Version 5.50 is released! (November 2020)
Australian Independent Radio News has appointed StationPlaylist as preferred radio station software provider.
For visually impaired users, a comprehensive set of scripts are available for JAWS, Window Eyes & NVDA.
Full integration with the D&R Webstation, AirLite & Airence broadcast mixer consoles are now available.
StationPlaylist affiliates with Abovecast for VPS (cloud) servers from $36 a month.
An article on Radio Magazine discusses How to Get the Most Out of Automation.
A leading radio magazine Radio World features a review of StationPlaylist.
Another article is at the Broadcasters Desktop Resource.
StationPlaylist now offers our own reliable and affordable Icecast stream server hosting.
StationPlaylist affillates with Securenet Systems for more stream hosting options/features.

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'Thanks for your impressive product. I am a Master User on both Scott Studios WideOrbit and RCS NexGen, and find StationPlaylist radio broadcasting software to be most competitive with those two very sophisticated platforms.'
Alan Olson, KIIQ-FM, Limon, Colorado

Download adobe flash player for mac os x snow leopard. StationPlaylist Creator + Studio integrate to provide a very affordable and powerful radio broadcasting software solution for terrestrial radio and internet streaming / webcasting.
Also suitable for party DJ's and in-store music automation.

Our software provides many time saving features not found in broadcasting software 10 times the price. From full live assistance for announcers / DJ's, to complete unattended radio automation with easy to use voice tracking, StationPlaylist will do the job reliably.

Online Internet streaming has never been easier with Studio. Stream in multiple codecs including MP3, AAC+ (MPEG-4 HE-AAC), Ogg Vorbis.

'I am amazed! I've used other automation / streaming products on my webcast, and I've got to say, StationPlaylist is simply awesome. Over the last year I've used (and paid a lot for) DRS2006 and SAM Broadcaster, and Creator & Studio out performs both of them in ease of use and feature set.'
Rob Walker, Q105 Radio, Novi, Michigan

StationPlaylist radio automation software is being used by commercial and non-commercial AM & FM radio stations, internet streaming stations, clubs, restaurants, malls, and other stores. Over 15,000 licences sold!

'In my old job at a big radio station 1995-2001, I worked with the Dalet automation which cost around $150,000. Studio is now more stable than that very expensive system ever was!! And I am sure the listeners cannot hear any difference!'
Henrik Lyk,Vendsyssel FM, Frederikshavn, Denmark

We pride ourselves on our support. Most email support queries are answered within 12 hours, often within 2 hours.

Stream Hosting

We provide affordable and reliable Icecast stream hosting services.

Studio is a simple to use on-air broadcast automation playout software for the studio and/or DJ.

Plays all your media files with manual or intelligent / automatic crossfading. Play jingles, commercials, news, songs. live streams, live inputs from your sound card, satellite feeds etc.

Includes an internet stream encoder, voice track / song ramp overlapping, many automation and live assist features such as 96 cart slots for instant jingles, timed events, time and temperature announcements while automated, compressor / limiter sound processing, website integration, and much more.

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Creator is a simple to use, yet powerful spot and music scheduler. Gain complete control over your station format using rotations of music categories and spot groups (jingles, advertisements, etc).

Generate sophisticated daily or weekly playlists in seconds, with track separation rules for artist, song, genre, tempo, etc. Includes a simple scheduler utility for budget automation with free audio players. Also includes a Playlist Editor, Voice Track recording, traffic/billing log file importer, and much more..

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Streamer is a stand-alone internet radio stream encoder. Stream audio from your soundcard to the world.

Remote Voice Tracker enables your DJ's to record voice tracks within the scheduled playlist from home, to sound like a live show!

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Purchase Creator Pro & Studio Pro in a bundle, with over 22% discount!

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With so many choices out there, deciding on the best radio broadcasting software to use can sometimes be a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this article to help you figure out which solution is the right one for you!

However, our radio streams are also compatible with a range of other radio broadcasting software. To simplify things, we can separate radio broadcasting software into 3 categories: DJing, automation and broadcasting. Here are a couple of them worth knowing:

Best Radio Automation Software For Mac Downloads


If you’re looking to perform live mixes, Mixxx is a DJ mixing software to check out as it essentially mimics a turntable deck. It comes with a number of fun features such as the beat looping buttons, being able to scrub back and fourth and much more. If you’re working with number of tracks, you’ll certainly appreciate the integrated database library to organise your music. Moreover, this free open-source software is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Virtual DJ 8

Available for Windows and Mac, Virtual DJ is another well known and appreciated audio mixing software among professional broadcasters. There’s no need for expensive equipment and it’s perhaps even easier and more straightforward to use in comparison to Mixxx. It’s particularly handy when it comes to beat matching or setting up cue points. However, if you’re looking for compatibility with a whole range of controllers, it does come at a cost – $299 to be precise.

Note that with both of the above, if you’re looking to create shows that consist of multiple presenters intervening or live call-ins, they might not be the most suitable .

Radio DJ

Radio DJ is a free radio automation software. However, it’s only available for Windows. Moreover, it can be rather complicated to install. You’ll need to download MySQL which is a database used by Radio DJ for the music on your computer. On top of that, to actually broadcast live, you’ll then need to install an AltaCast encoder! Nevertheless, once you’ve got it up and running, you’ll find a number of must have features to easily manage your shows, including automated playlist generation and being able to edit track metadata.

Sam Broadcaster Pro

Once again, another Windows only software. However, Sam Broadcaster Pro certainly cannot be overlooked when it comes to advanced radio automation software. In terms of managing a large music library, creating playlists and scheduling shows, you’re in total control. You’ll also have access to numerous mixing tools to put together your shows. Voice overs are a breeze and you’re even able to modify the sound of your voice using the Voice FX feature. The main downside being, you’ll need to pay $299 if you want to take things further than the free trial.

Radio Boss

To add to our Windows based automation software, let’s not miss out Radio Boss. With its simple interface and various settings, generating and scheduling your playlists from templates is pretty straightforward. Other features in include automatic volume levelling, cross fade support and time announcements in various languages. You get around 50 uses with the free trial and it’s definitely interesting if you’re looking for something slightly more affordable yet professional for your audio programming.


If you’re a newbie to live broadcasting, BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) is a doddle to use. It’s also free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux! The fact that it already comes with its own encoder means that you don’t have to worry about downloading extra plugins or software when configuring your stream. If you’re purely looking to broadcast live using an external mic or mixer, BUTT is incredibly efficient. On top of that, the software also allows you to record your live sessions which is handy if you’re looking to turn your show into a podcast.


Nicecast is nifty live broadcasting solution that’s particularly suited for radio presenters as live intervention is incredibly simple. If you’re looking to make brief announcements before the start of a track or take live call-ins, this software is also worth looking into. Other standout features include easily being able to capture audio from programs such as iTunes or Spotify. You can purchase the software for a very modest $59, although you’ll need to be a Mac owner.


A free and old-school media player, you can also broadcast using Winamp. However, you’ll need to download the Edcast DSP plugin in order to broadcast live on your radio station. If your main interest is addressing your listeners live on air, it’s pretty easy to connect devices such as your microphone without any issues. In their own words, “it really whips the llama’s ass.”

Our team has developed a software that takes into account the needs of radio presenters as well DJs. If you haven’t already had the chance, it’s time to discover StudioKing.

StudioKing – a software at the crossroads of DJing & broadcasting.

Available in beta form for Windows&Mac, StudioKing is the ideal tool for radio presenters who are looking for a simple & comprehensive software to broadcast live. StudioKing offers a range of useful functions such as Auto DJ and CrossFader for professional transitions, live metadata editing and a number of samplers to surprise your listeners. Like on the Radio Manager, StudioKing also allows you to select your desired broadcast quality and offers real-time display of connected listeners.

Regardless of your chosen broadcasting software, you’re going to want to ensure that you’ve got a stable radio stream to air your content. With radio offers adapted to your needs that cover stream hosting, automation and live broadcasting, RadioKing is the ideal radio platform to get your project off the ground.

Best Radio Automation Software For Mac Download Free

Rest assured that when it comes to configuring your RadioKing stream with any of the above software, the required information can be found under the Live tab of the Radio Manager. Don’t hesitate to give our team a message via the chat on our website if you need any help!