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Delete file free download - Delete Files Now, Delete without Trash, Android File Transfer, and many more programs. One of the most popular third-party data recovery software applications for macOS is Disk Drill. This reliable data recovery software can undelete files from all commonly used Mac, Windows, and Linux file systems, and its user-friendly nature makes it perfect for regular Mac users who have limited previous experience with file recovery.

We all know very well that when we delete a file, it just disappears from the destination place. It can be very well retrieved by specialized software. If you have some confidential file which you do not want others to see, you must use these trusted file shredder software. These software will delete the file permanently from your system. As others have tasted and said, you can always rely on these best file shredder software.


File Shredder

You can permanently delete your entire unwanted confidential files from your system with this software. It automatically cleans the recycle bin after deleting the files. The deletion repetition can be customized to ensure that all the files are deleted.

Kakasoft – File Shredder

It is a freeware and hence can be downloaded for absolutely free. The software is compatible with Windows and uses advanced US DoD 5220.22M technology to remove permanently from the system. Hp photosmart c6280 software download mac. You can be assured of the privacy and safety maintenance by this software.

Securely File Shredder

This is one of the best eraser file shredders that is available on the market today. The software is available for free download and uses the algorithm given by the US Department of Defence. The user interface is very simple and works on drag and drop mechanism.

Other Platforms

Best File Deleting software, free download Mac Download

If you are using other operating system and are worried about how to permanently delete files, you will be happy to know that there are some file shredder software that are designed to operate on other OS as well. You can have a look at some of them.

Andro Shredder for Android

This is by far the best file shredder software for all the Android users. You can simply select the file and choose it to delete or shred it permanently from your system. The software uses some of the best erasing algorithms like German BSI-VSITR, US DoD 5220.22M, Russian GOST P50739-95 etc.

File Shredder for Mac

This is the most renowned software on Mac systems. The files once deleted are impossible to be retrieved by any other software. The software gives the user option from the quick 1 Pass Erase and the highly secure 7 Pass Erase to choose from.

Lavasoft File Shredder for Windows

If you are a Windows user and work with sensitive contents, this software deserves a place in your system. The software comes on a subscription basis. The confidentiality of the files deleted is perfectly maintained. There is a trial version available. The developers give 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Free File Shredder – The Best File Shredder Software


This is the most popular file shredding application available today. The files are completely deleted and no trace can be found about them on your system. The software is free under the terms of the license of GNU and can be used without any constraints. You can also see File Encryption Software

What is File Shredder Software?

It often happens that we work with some sensitive information which is not to be passed into other hands. In this case, when you delete such files from your system, the limitation of the system prevents the file to get permanently deleted. Such software are needed that can manipulate the binary data of the file by writing it again and again. You can also see Eraser Software

This is precisely the work of file shredder software. These software changes the binary coding of your unwanted sensitive files and deletes it completely from your system. So if you have one of these software, you can be assured of the safety of your files.

We have mentioned some of the best erasing file shredder open source software based on the reviews of millions of users. Just use the software and watch their power in deleting and maintaining the absolute privacy of your contents.

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