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Having Audacity for Mac OS devices can be an amazing experience. If you own an Apple computer and are an avid fan of music, then you probably want to have an application for audio recording and editing. There are many tools available in the market today, one of them is the Audacity. This works well for recording sound and editing them at the same time. Thus, there’s nothing to worry about when trying to find a great tool.

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Download the latest version of Audacity for Mac. Multitrack and multiplatform audio editor. Audacity X is one of the most used audio editors due to its multiplatform. Audacity mac free download - Audacity, Audacity, Audacity Portable, and many more programs.

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    What Audacity for Mac Can Do

    Audacity Record Computer Audio is one of the most excellent tools you can have for your Apple computer. Aside from the fact that you can download it for free, it is compatible with the Mac operating system. You need not go through a complicated process of downloading and installing this application. But, what are the capabilities of Audacity? And, why is it a great tool for Mac OS?

    There are many reasons why Audacity is still the best recording and editing tool up to now. It records live audio from the microphone. Audacity Record Computer Audio can capture sounds from computer playback. The recorded sounds can be converted into many different file formats, edit and mix them to enhance your project. It enables the import command to transfer files from your computer to Audacity, and export them back to your device.

    Best Audacity plugins that can enhance your audio projects. It also has built-in effects that you can use while you are editing your sound file. What’s unique with Audacity that runs in Mac OS is that it has a Window menu for zooming or minimizing the Audacity window or display.

    Download and Install Audacity for Mac

    Download Audacity for Mac

    Here are the steps on how you can download and install Audacity for Mac devices. You can also simply click the button above to go to the download page.

    1. Go to to get an installer or just use the download button provided above.
    2. Choose the button for Mac OS / Mac OS X, and it will redirect you to the Audacity’s installer page.
    3. Left-click the “Audacity 2.4.1.dmg file” and it will automatically start the download process. You can also download Audacity for Windows and Audacity for Linux devices.
    4. To install, just open the Audacity and follow all the commands for setting up. There you go! You can now use and enjoy recording and editing your audio with this amazing application.

    Note: To check if you are using the latest version, go to Help Menu > About Audacity, and that will show you the information of your application. For the Updates, go to Help Menu > Check for Updates and it will take you to Audacity’s official website where you can download the updated version if there’s a new release.

    Plugin for Audacity for Mac

    Free software like Audacity has limitations to its functionalities. Thankfully, there are lots of plugins that you can also get for free. This will allow you to add special features to the application.

    Audio Unit is a plugin that is specially made for Mac OS and iOS. It enables the sound file to modify the pitch, convert and stream in real-time. Audio Unit comes with equalizers, reverb effect, and Soundbank synthesizer instrument. It is compatible with iOS 2.0+ and Mac OS 10.0+.


    Though Apple develops applications dedicated only to Mac users, Audacity has made its way to be also available in Apple computers. And, still making its name as the best audio recording and editing tool.

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    Audacity is bursting with exciting tools to transform plain audio files into the tracks you want to hear. Bring your musical visions to life.

    A better way to customize audio

    Play around with some great tools and create new tracks or edit existing ones. The best part? It’s free to use.

    Create new and innovative tracks with Audacity. There’s plenty of features to enhance your audio and help you piece together professional-sounding tracks.

    Combine a few different clips and export it as one. You can edit each clip before merging them, or edit it as one file. Audacity lets you mix as many different audio files together as you want, so there are no limitations on what you can create.

    Visualize the frequency of your audio with the spectral view. It gives you a graph of the frequency response on a certain file and lets you print it out, as well. This is especially helpful for audio-testing, and is simple to do from the interface.


    Record podcasts and music in Audacity and export the files in high-quality. I need to download mac version of h&r block softwareh r block software. The editing tools are elaborate but won’t scare away newbies. This program offers flexibility and lets you customize audio freely. You can add in special effects without altering the tempo or quality of the audio.

    This app does let itself down with its lack of support for multitrack audio. You can merge different tracks within the app, but the editing options are limited. It’s also too intricate for larger projects because there aren’t any automated features to speed up the process.

    The start-up page is prone to crashing or loading very slowly, as well. This may be an issue with the software on older Mac operating systems, as it’s quite heavy on CPU.

    Where can you run this program?

    This program runs on Mac OS X and has other versions for Windows and Linux.

    Is there a better alternative?

    Audacity App Free

    No. This software is great for basic and more advanced audio customization. If you want better support for multitrack audio, try WavePad.

    Our take

    Audacity is an impressive software that offers great editing tools for free. It’s perfect for people who are new to the world of audio editing. It could do with more automatic processes to speed up editing.

    Audacity 2019 Free Download

    Should you download it?

    Audacity Download Macbook

    Yes. If you’re looking for a free audio editing software that comes with plenty of tools for beginners, this is a great choice.

    Audacity Download Mac 10.6.8