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With the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Update, you have an entire host of fixes to the functionality of this image editing program. What has always been a strong point of Adobe Photoshop, their all encompassing support, now includes help for smartphones and tablets. You can take this on the go, and you have all the usual bug fixes that you might expect. The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Update has been designed to support the tablet, smartphone and PC apps, which means you can instantly incorporate creations that you have made and do it on the move.

What Happens After You Have Installed the Update?

Once you have installed this update, you can activate a remote connection that goes between both Photoshop CS5 and the apps by which have been integrated. Examples of compatibility might include the Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Nav and the Adobe Eazel. For those who are happily making use of Photoshop with how it was originally intended, you never have to worry about it crashing as much because the update gives you plenty for your digital table. With this update, there were also improvements made to how the 'Liquify' option performs. In the past, you could not make use of this specific option without risking a crash from the program. With the latest Adobe Photoshop CS5 Update, you no longer have to worry when you click on 'Liquify'; it will not crash unexpectedly.

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Along with the Liquid option, there were similar problems that software developers resolved with the Quick Select and Sharpen functions. Another key area that was addressed related to the security vulnerabilities that existed with this software.

Adobe Photoshop: Smooth Functioning?

Adobe Photoshop CS5 users who have wanted to use a more mobile device with this program will now have access to it with the latest updates. You no longer have to spend your time tethered to a single location because the new update lets the artist go mobile. You now can rest assured because a host of minor tweaks and improvements were made to the software. In addition, there were bug fixes that have helped Photoshop become a safer and more dependable experience for people all around.

Support for Macintosh Users

Do you use a Mac? If so, the CS5 update includes a 64-bit application for supported hardware, and this will give you access to greater memory. Furthermore, in a lot of cases, you will have faster performance than ever before. However, this does not come without drawbacks as the third-party plug-ins are scarce as many aren't willing to work with 64-bit mode. Nevertheless, this software update is guaranteed to give you greater value, and the applicable uses are part of what makes this such a great thing to use.


  • The Bugs and Crash Issues That Were Found in CS5 Have Been Resolved with This New Update
  • You Can Add Tablet and Smartphone Support


  • The Update was Intended to Create a Smoother and More Dependable Experience for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Users, so the Cons were Few

This article is based on discussing the way of downloading, installing the Adobe Photoshop CS5 on your desktop and laptops. After downloading the procedure of activating the software will also be mentioned. First of all before moving further we firstly need to know what Adobe Photoshop CS5 is and its usage.

Lg software download mac

What is Adobe Photoshop CS5?

The Adobe Photoshop CS5 is mainly used for making and editing images, movies for different purposes like news, movies, documentaries and etc. This is the advanced version that contains numerous advanced features and tools that makes it function perfectly. Following are some of the common features of Adobe Photoshop CS5 which has made it more perfect to use. Pen Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, Tool of Shape, Tool for Selection, Tool of Navigation and Measuring, Tool for Crop (etc).


You can easily make or capture such amazing images of photos and videos by using this advanced software. if you want to learn about Adobe Premium Pro CS5

Downloading the Adobe Photoshop CS5

Now let’s have a look at how we can easily download and install the Adobe Photoshop CS5.

  • First of all click on Download Now Button. When you will click on the download button a new tab will open and you will see the page of media fire. Simply click on download button.
  • You will start downloading the software after you click the button.
  • It will take some time and the downloading procedure will be completed.
  • After completion of downloading you will come to your computer.
  • Open downloads folder. You will see a WinRAR file on that download folder.
  • You will click on the file and click on extract here option.
  • It will take few seconds and the software will be spread in different folders.
  • You firstly need to install the WinRAR software for opening the document file.
  • Once the extract file is completed you will install the software.

Installing the Adobe Photoshop CS5

Now after the downloading procedure is completed you will install the software.

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Upgrade

  • You will see the software of Adobe Photoshop CS5 you will double click on the setup.
  • Then see the folder of setup when you open the setup file of the software.
  • The adobe installer will start installing the software.
  • You will wait for the setup to be installed.
  • When it is installed it will ask few settings.
  • It will ask you firstly to accept the settings.
  • You will then click on “install this project as a trial version”. Do not select the serial number.
  • You choose the language that is “International.” Then click on next.
  • Then you will not select any of the option and click on install button.
  • It will again take few seconds to complete the further installation.
  • Then it will give you an option you will click on “yes.”
  • This will take few minutes to install the whole software on your computer or laptop.
  • When the installation is completed you will click on “Done”.
  • Then you will see the software of Adobe Photoshop CS5 is successfully installed in your system.
  • You then open the search bar in your computer and write the name of your software you will see it. This means the whole software is installed successfully.

Activating the Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Extended Mac Download

When the procedure of installation is completed you will now activate the software. We will see the procedure of activating the software.

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Upgrade Mac Download Version

  • When you will open the software after 30 days it will ask for a trial key,
  • You are on trial period so it will ask you to purchase it after 30 days after completion of trial period.
  • You do one thing you will check the file is of 32 bids or 64 bids. You will check it on my computer. If you have installed the file of 64 bids you will select the file of 6. If you have installed file of 32 bids so you will take 32 bids file.
  • Just double click on the selected file and copy it.
  • You will then open my computers, then you will go to C drive.
  • After that go to programs files.
  • You click on it and see the adobe folder.
  • Click on adobe folder.
  • Then paste the selected file of 32 bids or 64 bids in this folder.
  • It will then never ask you for the serial key even after 30 days.

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Upgrade Mac Download Windows 10

You can also get proper guidance for downloading and activating the software by watching our complete video of Adobe Photoshop CS5 .

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Upgrade Mac Downloads

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